How does Chargebee and BigCommerce interact?

Modified on: Mon, 25 Oct, 2021 at 10:21 PM


The workflow between Chargebee and BigCommerce


Here's a workflow of how Chargebee and BigCommerce integration works:

  1. Your customer makes a purchase from your website or application.
  2. A subscription is created in Chargebee.
  3. Orders are created in Chargebee based on the shipping frequency.
  4. Orders are synced from Chargebee to BigCommerce instantly.
  5. You fulfill the orders in BigCommerce.
  6. The fulfillment status gets synced from BigCommerce to Chargebee.
  7. Your customers can view or manage their subscriptions in BigCommerce.
It is recommended to test the integration in the sandbox environments of Chargebee and BigCommerce before integrating in the live environment
If you are using Shipstation for order fulfillment, you should connect Shipstation with BigCommerce and not with Chargebee
BigCommerce is supported only for In-app Checkout and In-app Self-Serve portal

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