How will the coupon code behave?

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 Coupon codes mirror the behavior of the main coupon they are linked to.

  1. Coupon codes can be applied on the signup page and also through the API.
  2. Even if a coupon set has been linked to the main coupon, you can still apply the main coupon to subscriptions. If you do not want this to happen, you need to make sure the main coupon code is not known to anyone else.
  3. A coupon code can only be applied to a single subscription, and cannot be redeemed more than once.
  4. The number of coupon codes that can be redeemed within a coupon set depends on the main coupon's maximum redemption value and redemption count.
If the main coupon's redemption limit is 10 and the coupon set consists of a 100 coupon codes, you will only be able to apply 10 coupon codes from the set. You can however change the main coupon's redemption limit by editing it at any time. 

Also, if the main coupon's redemption limit is 10 and it has already been redeemed 9 times, only 1 coupon code from the linked coupon set can be redeemed. But you can always edit the main coupon's redemption count to increase or decrease it when needed
  1. When deleting a coupon set, unused coupon codes will be deleted and used ones will be archived.
  2. Similarly, if the main coupon is archived, unused coupon codes will be deleted and used coupon codes will be archived.

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