HubSpot Company → Chargebee Customer - New hubspot integration

Modified on: Wed, 13 Oct, 2021 at 8:10 PM


Additional Fields that can be synced in the new Hubspot


The UI dropdown will only display standard or custom properties belonging to the following property groups on the HubSpot company:

  • Sales properties

  • Company information

  • Target accounts information

  • Any other custom property group's properties


On the Chargebee side, these standard properties on the Chargebee customer will be available for selection (provided the corresponding HubSpot company field type matches):

  • Auto collection

  • Net payment terms (Net-d)

  • Language/locale

  • Preferred currency

Any other custom properties configured on the Chargebee customer will also be displayed for selection if they are of the allowed field types described earlier.

Note: This is a restricted list to begin with - we may open up other fields in the future to allow for more flexibility.

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