Is the new Hubspot different from the existing Chargebee HubSpot integration?

Modified on: Wed, 27 Oct, 2021 at 5:21 PM


How is new Hubspot integration different from the old one?

Is this an upgraded version of the old hubspot integration?

What does the new Hubspot integration do?


Chargebee already supports an integration with HubSpot that is available in HubSpot’s marketplace. This new integration (Quote to Cash with Chargebee) is different from the existing one for a few reasons:

  • B2B focus: Customers in Chargebee map primarily to a HubSpot company with this new integration rather than a contact

  • Pricing & catalog: Product catalog from Chargebee is synchronized with HubSpot. Also, this integration is built entirely on Chargebee’s new product catalog model (2.0)

  • Automation & Workflows: Built first for sales teams - simplifies the process of creating subscriptions from deals either via automation or a UI, allows custom fields to be passed from deals or companies to subscriptions and customers, etc.

There are, however, certain use cases that this new integration can’t presently solve that the existing integration can. In these cases, early adopters are advised to review help documents for the existing integration to see if it will work better. We recommend that you use (or continue using) the existing integration under these circumstances (limitation article to be linked)

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