Limitation of new Hubspot integration

Modified on: Fri, 3 Mar, 2023 at 4:52 PM

Here are the Limitations of New Hubspot Integration (quote to cash workflow).

  • Due to the limitations of the Hubspot CRM platform, we currently support only flat-fee & per-unit-based pricing models. Merchants who use any other pricing model other than these two can still use this integration using the iFrame approach.
  • Hubspot does not support ‘coupons’ in its product line items. Hence for the customers who use the coupons while quoting a deal or creating a subscription will be limited to use the iFrame approach instead.
  • Since Hubspot does not have a subscription object available (for now), all the subscription information is shown as a CRM card on the deals page. While this is helpful in showing to a user all the required information regarding a subscription, this information cannot be further used for any kind of data reporting or analysis automatically.


I. We have sunset the Hubspot legacy integration on March 3, 2023 which will not be available on the Marketplace. 

II. We have migrated from
 Hubspot legacy to Hubspot Quote to Cash (Q2C) integration, with the release of self-serve flows for customer and subscription sync from Chargebee to Hubspot which also have all features that was on the legacy integration. 

III.  This migration will not impact the existing users and they will continue to use the integration normally as before. Reach out to us from here to know more.

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