Multiple base currency support in Intacct Integration

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Intacct Integration - Multi-Entity with different base currency Support


- Multiple base currency support is enabled only when the top-level entity is selected.

- Override base currency based on the location id provided for either plan/Adhoc charges/addon so that invoice/credit note gets synced to the related entity as per location provided.

- Excess payments in Chargebee get synced as Overpayments in Intacct.

- This feature is not supported if the customer has purchased the Tax solution module in Intacct.

- Multiple base currency support is only available for Sales Invoice workflow
- Not available for Tax solution (AR Invoice workflow)enabled flow account. 
Reach out to to enable this featur


Once this feature is enabled on your site. Follow the below steps

1. Select the Top-Level Entity for enabling the multiple base currency support features. 

Location id is mandatory when top-level is selected.

2. Select the itemGL group for each currency. Listed below are the invoice line items in the itemGL group:

  • One Time Charges

  • Setup Fee

  • Discounts

  • Bad Debts (write-off)

  • Round off

3. Define the Dimension Configuration for each currency. The following are invoice line items within the Dimensions Configuration:

  • Location - It is mandatory to define this field.

  • One Time Charges

  • Setup Fee

  • Round Off

  • Refund
    Note: Defining Dimension 2 and Dimension 3 is optional.

4. To sync Overpayment mapping for each currency :

  • It is mandatory to configure the Location 

  • It is optional to configure the Department 

5. Once all this is set up, you need to configure Inter-Entity Account Mapping on Intacct. 

Select CompanySetup Inter-Entity Account Mapping


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