How to add prefix to Customer_ID?

Modified on: Wed, 29 Sep, 2021 at 8:01 AM


How to add the company name as a prefix in customer ID?


Adding a prefix to the customer ID is not available as a feature in Chargebee right now. The other way to do this is to have a custom customer ID through an API request. This custom customer ID should be passed while creating a customer through API.


# creates a customer with the customer ID.

curl https://{site} \

-u {site_api_key}:\

-d id="CB2021Q3" \

-d first_name="John"

-d last_name="Doe" \

-d email="" \

-d locale="fr-CA" \

-d billing_address[first_name]="John" \

-d billing_address[last_name]="Doe" \

-d billing_address[line1]="PO Box 9999" \

-d billing_address[city]="Walnut" \

-d billing_address[state]="California" \

-d billing_address[zip]="91789" \

-d billing_address[country]="US"

If you are looking to customize your Customer ID in sequential order then click here. 

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