What is Gross Cashflow by Payment Method metric in RevenueStory?

Modified on: Wed, 3 May, 2023 at 3:35 PM

Gross Cashflow by Payment Method metric is renamed as Total Payments by Payment Method


The total value of payments received against recurring and non-recurring invoices during a specific period segmented by payment method.

i.e.Total value of successful payments segmented by Payment Method.


The reduction in monthly recurring revenue from existing subscriptions due to subscriptions moving from paid to lower or free plans, cancellations, add-ons, and other services removed from subscriptions. Tracking gross churn instead of net churn helps businesses see exactly how much revenue is being lost. As a result, the gross MRR churn rate accurately shows how satisfactory the product is and/or if the business is attracting the right customers.

How it's measured

Gross Cashflow by Payment Method/  Total Payments by Payment method = Total of successful payments received during the period per payment method


Up: Good


This is a sum of your recurring and non-recurring cash flows for a specific period segmented using a payment method. A decrease could be because of lower revenue or inefficient collections mechanisms. Look at this in conjunction with your total revenue and outstanding receivables for the period.

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