Hubspot - Customer not synced error

Modified on: Fri, 3 Mar, 2023 at 4:51 PM

Error Message:
Dependent customer is not yet synced

Status: Failed


Every subscription in Chargebee is associated with a customer record and the latter must sync to HubSpot before the subscription can sync successfully. This error happens when the related customer has not synced to HubSpot.

Solution: Since the customer has not synced, a customer-level error must have occurred. Look for the error and fix it.


I. We have sunset the Hubspot legacy integration on March 3, 2023 which will not be available on the Marketplace. 

II. We have migrated from
 Hubspot legacy to Hubspot Quote to Cash (Q2C) integration, with the release of self-serve flows for customer and subscription sync from Chargebee to Hubspot which also have all features that was on the legacy integration. 

III.  This migration will not impact the existing users and they will continue to use the integration normally as before. Reach out to us from here to know more.

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