Hubspot - Contact already mapped error

Modified on: Mon, 20 Sep, 2021 at 5:20 PM


Error MessageAssociated contact in HubSpot is already mapped to a different Chargebee customer


These errors occur when the integration tries to sync individual records from Chargebee to HubSpot. Follow the steps below in Chargebee to see the list of record-level errors:

  1. On the left menu, click Settings Third-party Integrations.

  2. Under Apps connected, select HubSpot.

  3. Unless the sync is currently underway, a Sync Health card is displayed.

  4. To see record-level errors, either click on View errors in current sync or View all.

Status: Failed

Reason: In HubSpot, two Contacts cannot have the same value in the email address field. However, duplicate values are allowed for email addresses in Chargebee customer records. This error occurs when the customer record in Chargebee has an email address that matches a HubSpot contact previously mapped to another Chargebee customer record. 


Say a customer record A in Chargebee was synced to HubSpot and was mapped to contact C with the matching email address. Later, this error occurs when say, a different customer record B syncs to HubSpot and has the same email address as the contact C.

Solution: Edit the affected customer records in Chargebee to ensure that they have different values for the email address field.

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