MRR Distribution by Metered and Non-metered components metric in RevenueStory

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Distribution of total MRR for a specific period across metered and non-metered components
Explanation of metric

The MRR distribution depicts the total metered Vs non-metered MRR amount over a specific period. It helps the customers to understand their MRR distribution. In case, metered billing setting is not enabled for you, the metric will only display the non-metered MRR for a specific period. This is also the default view for customers currently on PC1.0, as metered billing is only available for PC2.0 customers.

How it's measured

MRR distribution aggregates the items that are currently in the subscription for both metered and non-metered components over a specific period. MRR for metered components: MRR is based on the consumption level of the product or service. On the creation of a metered component in a subscription, the quantity is set at 0, so there is no impact on the MRR. Post the subscription period, when the units are updated, the MRR is expected to be updated based on the quantity from that point in time. MRR for non-metered components: A Non-metered subscription has a fixed monthly charge.


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You can use this metric to track the composition of your revenue across metered and non-metered components. It helps to identify subscribers with metered components and with this count you can specifically tweak your retention programs for better revenue opportunities from customers.

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