What is Net Cashflow by Sales Agent metric in RevenueStory?

Modified on: Wed, 3 May, 2023 at 4:29 PM

Net Cashflow by Sales Agent is now called Net Payments by Sales Agent

Total value of successful payments excluding successful refunds segmented by Sales Agent.
Explanation of metric

It is a figure that is reported on a company's financial statements, is calculated by subtracting a company's total liabilities from its total cash by the Sales agent. The net cash flow by a Sales agent is commonly used when evaluating a company's cash flows. Net cash flow may also refer to the amount of cash remaining after a transaction has been completed and all associated charges and deductions have been subtracted. This is available with RS premium and to use this metric more efficiently, you may need to configure a custom field at customer resource in Chargebee and map it to Sales agent field in customer resource to RevenueStory. While you could choose to configure your own values in this custom field, it is recommended to configure meaningful values that make sense for your business. Please connect with your success manager or contact support@chargebee.com

How it's measured
Net cash flow = (Sum of cashflows - Sum of refunds) grouped by Sales Agent custom field configured at the customer level.

Note: If the Sales agent value is not available, it is marked as Unknown in the chart.

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Net cash flow is a profitability metric representing the amount of cash generated or lost by a business for each sales agent during a specific period. It shows you how much of your current capital is contributed by each Sales agent across your customer base. Understanding the net cash flow by each sales agent helps you compare the net cashflows across your Sales agent value and better manage your net cash flow requirements. Tracking it over time will allow you to ensure your company can be profitable in the short and long term.

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