How is Net Billing by Sales Agent metric calculated?

Modified on: Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 at 2:52 PM

The total value of invoices generated during a specific period after excluding the value of associated credit notes issued segmented by Sales Agent.
Explanation of metric

This is the value of invoices during the period after deducting the value of credit notes segmented by the Sales Agent. Net Billings means the aggregate of all amounts billed on the sales of services and products, and all revenues and other income from whatever source derived. Net Billings include all proceeds from any business interruption insurance. This is available with RS premium and to use this metric more efficiently, you may need to configure a custom field at customer resource in Chargebee and map it to Sales agent field in customer resource to RevenueStory. While you could choose to configure your own values in this custom field, it is recommended to configure meaningful values that make sense for your business. Please connect with your success manager or contact

How it's measured
Net Billing = (Total Invoice amount in specific period) - (Total Credit note amount is in specific period) grouped by Sales Agent custom field configured at the customer level

Note: If the Sales agent value is not available, it is marked as Unknown in the chart. Taxes are included.

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Net Billing by the Sales agent is a good indicator of Net Revenue for each Sales agent. If Net Billing is less than the Total Billing, your revenue leakage due to coupons, and credit notes will be high and cash flow will be a risk for your business.

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