What is Average Revenue Per Paid Subscription by Country metric in RevenueStory?

Modified on: Mon, 30 Aug, 2021 at 10:20 AM

Average Revenue earned Per Paid Subscription per month segmented by Country.
Explanation of metric
  • A table breaking down the Monthly Recurring Revenue generated by each paid Customer segmented by Country.
  • Average Revenue Per Paid Subscription (ARPPS) is used interchangeably with Average Revenue Per Account (ARPA) and Average Revenue Per Unit (ARPU).

How it's measured

Average Revenue Per Paid Subscription by Country = [(Total MRR)/ (Number of Paid Subscriptions per Country)]

Note: Includes MRR from the beginning of last year.

Up: Good

  • High ARPPS from a Country indicates a substantial value from a product/service for the customers of that Country. Observe this metric in conjunction with LTV for that Country to understand the long-term value addition.
  • Example: In a given period, 200 Customers are on Plan A ($10/month) and 300 Customers on Plan B ($20/month) are from the same Country.
    Total MRR = (200X10)+(300X20) = $8,000
    Number of Active Paid Subscribers = (200+300) = 500
    Average Revenue per Paid Subscription by Country(Country) = 8000/500 = $16.00

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