What is total MRR by plan in RevenueStory?

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How to review revenue per plan on a monthly basis?

Navigate to Settings -> Revenue Story -> Metric Explorer -> select MRR from the left pane choose -> Total MRR by Plan -> Select the frequency from the dropdown menu and select "Add".

Total MRR by plan
Monthly recurring revenue earned from subscriptions, segmented by the plan.

Explanation of metric

This is the predictable monthly recurring revenue you earn from subscriptions segmented by the plan. The Total MRR by plan considers the MRR contributed from each plan for a subscription. The MRR contributed by other subscription components such as Addons / Coupons of recurring/non-recurring types are not included in this metric. The amount charged towards taxes is not included.

How it's measured

Total MRR by Plan = Total MRR of subscriptions during the period per Plan

Included in Total MRR by Plan

- Revenue from Recurring Plans and Addons

- Recurring Coupon discounts

Included in Total MRR by Plan (If Configured)

- One-time coupons

- Metered charges

- Non-recurring Addons (as per configuration)

Excluded from Total MRR by Plan

- Setup fee

-- Credit adjustments

-- Any non-recurring ad-hoc charges

-- Amount charged toward tax

Sum of MRR where Subscription Status = Active and Product Type = Plan, grouped by: Plan as of specific time period


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This allows you to see which plan contributes the most to total MRR. Look at this along with the new MRR by the plan because you could have brought in a set of high-paying Customers 12 months back in a particular plan. Assuming you have retained them all, the total MRR from that plan would be high. But most of your new MRR today might come from some other plan. So looking at both will give better clarity.


In a given period, 200 subscriptions are on Plan A ($50/Month) and 50 subscriptions have a recurring addon ($10/month)
MRR = (200 x 50) = $10,000
Recurring Addon = (50 x 10) = $500
Discount per subscription = $10
Total Discounts = (10 x 200) = $2,000
Total Set up Fees = $700
Total MRR by Plan (Plan A) = (10,000 + 500 - 2,000) = $8,500

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