Salesforce - Subscription ID not being passed to the opportunity page

Modified on: Thu, 12 Aug, 2021 at 5:39 PM


Subscription not mapping to opportunity

Subscription created using checkout link is not getting associated to the Opportunity - Sales-driven workflow

In the sales-driven workflow, salesforce users can create subscriptions from opportunities using Create/Change subscriptions and can send checkout links directly to the end customer. Once the customer completes the checkout process, the subscription is created in Chargebee and on the next sync, it is synced to the associated opportunity along with the opportunity stage updated to the one mentioned in sales driven setting

In case the subscription created using the checkout link is not getting associated with the opportunity, We need to make sure that all steps are followed. The workflow will only get completed if we send the email, instead of just copy-paste the hosted page link from the email preview

Clicking on Send is very important for the workflow to be completed such that it can be considered as Sales driven.

If we directly copy-paste the link and create a subscription, It would follow rules configured for self-serve workflow.

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