Limitations of time machine

Modified on: Tue, 13 Jun, 2023 at 1:02 PM

  • Data will be erased when you enter the Time Machine. There is no way that you can recover this information. If you wish to take a backup, we recommend you export the data.
  • Time Machine allows you to only travel back in time; you cannot move forward from the present date.
  • Similarly, while testing a particular functionality you can only move to a future date, you cannot move to a date in the past. For example, you can move from 1st July to 5th July, but you cannot move back from 5th July to 1st July. Emails will not be sent while in the time machine mode. However, they will be logged in the Email logs tab for reference.
  • Reminder emails (Subscription renewal, future subscription) will not be generated or logged.
  • Time Machine can handle only a maximum of 5 subscriptions and customers at a time. You might get a 'Time travel failed' error if the subscriptions exceed 5. 
  • You cannot create Webhooks for reminder event notifications.

If you are facing 'Time travel failed' error even when subscriptions are less than 5 then raise a ticket or write to

There are six levels of time machine configuration. Depending on that, the data will be auto-populated.

  1. Blank Slate
  2. Dunning
  3. Consolidated Invoicing
  4. Subscription Status
  5. Schedule Subscription Action
  6. Invoicing Features

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