What is new MRR?

Modified on: Sat, 26 Jun, 2021 at 11:34 PM


This is the new monthly recurring revenue earned from newly acquired subscriptions in a given period. This can be directly attributed to all your new customer acquisition strategies and help mark out the channels that contribute to revenue.

New MRR =Total sum of MRR for all subscriptions which are active with MRR > 0 and have activation date in a specific period.


  • This includes trial to active conversions as well as subscriptions directly activated with active status. This also includes first-time activations. Subsequent reactivations are considered as part of Expansion MRR. 
  • New MRR does not mean that it is the newly earned MRR from existing subscriptions. It means that the MRR is earned from the newly activated subscriptions. For example, if a subscription activated with zero MRR in the previous period generates MRR in the current period. This will have the Free to paid MRR for the current period and not the New MRR. 

For example, If you activated 5 new subscriptions this month giving you revenues of $100, $200, $300, $400, and $500 respectively, your New MRR for the month would be $1500.

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