What is Pipedrive? How does it work?

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How does Pipedrive sync with Chargebee?

This integration is currently in Beta. Contact support@chargebee.com to enable for your site.
This is currently available for PC 1.0.  If you are a PC 2.0 user, please note that Pipedrive integration is work-in progress. 

Pipedrive is a CRM and sales pipeline management tool for small and medium-sized sales teams. It has a mobile-optimized, deal-focussed user interface that organizes deals and tasks in an easily accessible way. It also offers customizable reporting tools allowing visual monitoring of individual and team sales.

Chargebee's Pipedrive integration is a streamlined and easily configurable tool that helps you enrich your Pipedrive contacts with customers, companies, subscription and invoice data from Chargebee.

How does it work?

The Pipedrive integration syncs Chargebee's Customer data and, optionally, part of the Subscription and Invoice information over to Pipedrive. The sync runs every hour and can also be triggered manually. 

  • Customer data from Chargebee is synced to person records in Pipedrive.
  • Some of the customer information can also be synced to organization records in Pipedrive.
  • Chargebee subscription information can be synced to deals in Pipedrive.
  • Moreover, Chargebee customer one-time invoices can also be synced to deals in Pipedrive.

One-way sync
Using this integration, data always flows from Chargebee to Pipedrive. No data is synced from Pipedrive to Chargebee.

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