How to build a custom MRR retention cohort?

Modified on: Tue, 22 Jun, 2021 at 1:05 AM

To build a custom MRR retention cohort in Report builder follow these steps.

  •  Click RevenueStory > Report Builder.

  • Select Summary Report.

  • Select Subscription activation date from Subscription resource in the row grouping. Default grouping is year and month.

  • Select MRR change date from Monthly subscription history resources in the column grouping. Default grouping is year and month.

  • Select MRR in the values. Default aggregation is Sum

You will be getting the MRR trends of subscriptions cohortized by activation month and year. You can choose a filter to get data as per his requirements. 

Apply filters by selecting the last date of the previous month and not of the month for which the cohort analysis is needed. The underlying data can be obtained by selecting the build as a detailed report option on the summary page. e.g. for cohort analysis starting from January 2021, we should select the activation date as “is after” 31 Dec 2020 and not 1 Jan 2021.

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