What are the benefits of Chargebee's checkout page?

Modified on: Mon, 14 Jun, 2021 at 9:06 PM

  • Chargebee Checkout pages are PCI compliant.
  • They require zero to minimal development effort from your side. It takes less than 2 minutes to integrate the checkout script into your code.
  • Chargebee integrates with a wide range of payment gateways that you can choose from. All that you have to do is choose your gateway and configure it in Chargebee.
  • With Chargebee's smart routing feature you can designate a currency to a particular payment gateway.
  • Empowers you to extensively customize the branding (look and feel), fields, labels, etc.
  • Choose between different kinds of checkout - whether modal window or single page based on your requirement.
  • Displays complex tax calculations, discounts, coupons, add-ons, one-time charges, gift workflows, auto-complete, custom fields, and much much more!
  • Ability to allow customers to checkout without adding their payment details.
  • Take advantage of a whole suite of integrations including referral and affiliate tracking and abandoned cart data.
  • Returning customers can check out easily without having to provide all the details from the beginning.
  • Takes full advantage of mobile browser's autocomplete functionality, for example - card scanning.
  • Use our APIs in combination with Chargebee checkout to intelligently handle nuances in your workflow.
  • Seamlessly combine your subscription data with checkout.

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