How to create a Charge/non-recurring addon in PC 2.0?

Modified on: Sat, 12 Jun, 2021 at 10:36 PM

Charges represent products or services that are non-recurring, either purchased once immediately or scheduled for purchase when certain events happen such as subscription activation, trial start, and so on. 

To create a new charge in your Chargebee site, follow these steps:

  1. Click Product Catalog > Charges > + Create Charge.
  2. In the Create a New Charge page, click the Product Family drop-down and select the Product family to associate this charge to a product family.
  3. Enter an Internal Name for the charge that helps you identify the charge internally on your Chargebee site.
  4. You can add a Description to include additional details about the charge.
  5. The Charge ID is generated based on the Internal Name that you have specified. You can modify this id as required. The charge Id is the unique identifier of the charge and when a subscription is created or updated via the API from your app/website.
  6. Under Customer-Facing Info, you can enable the Display in Self-Serve Portal checkbox to make this charge available in the Self-serve Portal. The Self-serve Portal can be used by your customers to make changes to their subscriptions.
  7. Click Create.

Once the charge is created, you need to define the price points.

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