How to create a plan in PC 2.0 with multiple currencies and billing frequencies?

Modified on: Thu, 9 Mar, 2023 at 9:13 PM


I want to configure different currencies for a given plan. 

How to configure different billing frequencies for a given plan?


PC 1.0 users need to create new plans for each new billing frequency/ currency. 

The current character limit on customer ID, subscription ID, and Plan Name is 50. The maximum limit on Plan ID is 100

If you are a PC 2.0 user this can be achieved easily by creating price points for the plan. 

After creating plans, you can start adding multiple price points for each plan. Your customers can choose a relevant price point for the plan based on their needs.

Using price points you can:

  • Create variations of the same plan for different currency and billing frequency combinations.
  • Avoid creating or cloning the same plan for multiple currencies and billing frequencies, create price points instead.
  • Maintain a clean and sleek product catalog and avoid clutter.

To define a price point for a plan, follow these steps:

  1. Click Product Catalog > Plans. Select the plan for which you are creating the price points.

  2. In the details page, the Pricing section displays all the billing frequencies that you have added for your site for every currency configured.

  3. Go to the billing frequency for the currency that you want to add for this plan, and click Set Price.

  4. In the Create a Price Point page, you can modify the basic attributes of the plan's price point

  5. In the Pricing section, you can configure the pricing attributes of the plan's price point such as: Pricing model, price, billing cycle and free quantity.

  6. Fill in the customer-facing info, taxes and accounting information. Click on 'Create'.

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