How to create an Item Specific Checkout URL for Pc 2.0?

Modified on: Mon, 1 Nov, 2021 at 3:46 PM

When you create and use an item-specific URL for checkout, the user interface of the In-app Checkout is retained but is displayed as a pop-up window in a new tab. 

Here's is an example of item-specific URL for a plan:


Now, to customize it for your usage, the placeholders need to be replaced with your Chargebee site name and Plan ID or Plan Price Point ID.


For a site named having Plan Price Point ID as "mars-trip-usd-monthly" we can construct the item specific URL as below:[item_price_id][0]=mars-trip-usd-monthly&subscription_items[quantity][0]=5

Further, you can add addons, charges, coupons and many more to the query string (part in the URL after the question mark) to create a plan with all the necessary addons and charges attached. When a user clicks on the link, it takes them to the checkout window with all the fields pre-filled. All they have to do is enter their payment method details and checkout.


Here's how a plan when attached with addon and charge looks like in the item URL:

Breaking down the example, we get:

  • A monthly USD plan - which is a recurring rent for the mars bunker.
  • A daily USD addon - which is a recurring charge for consistent oxygen supply.
  • A one-time USD charge for spacesuits with pockets.
  • The quantity of five spacesuits with pockets. Note that it is associated with the spacesuit charge through indexing.
  • And finally, a coupon for being brave enough to be the first group of mars settlers.

List of allowed Query Parameters

Here's a list of query parameters you can use in the query string:


Query Parameter

Subscription Item






All parameters available here can be used. 

exceptions: taxability, consolidated_invoicing




Billing address

All parameters available here can be used.

exceptions: validation_status

Shipping Address

All parameters available here can be used.

exceptions: validation_status

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