Limitations of Google Tag Manager - GTM

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PayNow page is not opening in iframe with GTM tracking

Below are the limitations of GTM

  • Built-in GTM support is only available for checkout and portal pages and not for any other forms of modal-type action pages in Chargebee such as Pay Now or Extend Subscription.
  • If checkout or portal is launched by customers via Chargebee emails sent to them such as an accept quote email or a cart abandonment notification, built-in tracking will not work because Chargebee.js is not loaded in such cases.
  • If in-app checkout or portal is opened in a new tab/window, the GTM integration will not work because Chargebee.js is not loaded.

If you want to collect payment in iFrame, PayNow link cannot be opened in an iframe and we cannot use Pay Now link for GTM tracking purposes

Instead of embedding Pay Now in an iframe, you could either use some of JS default functions like the and within that function, you can call Collect Now API or you could retrieve the URL from the API and then ensure that the Collect Now link is added to the button.

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