How to group my plans and addons into product families?

Modified on: Tue, 4 May, 2021 at 5:55 PM


What are the factors to consider before grouping the plans into product families?

If you have multiple products or services, each with its own set of plans and addons, consider the following factors before you group them into product families:

  • Migrating subscriptions from one plan to another plan is possible only when the plans belong to the same product family. Otherwise, the existing subscription needs to be canceled, and a new subscription has to be created with the plan from another family.
  • Addons, charges, and coupons are only applicable to the plans within the respective product family. If the same addons, charges, and coupons are required for plans in other product families as well, you have to create them again in the respective product families.
  • By creating the same addons, charges, and coupons in multiple product families, the reports reflect the consumption of these addons, charges, and coupons split across different product families. If you require consolidated reports on their consumption, we suggest that you manage all your plans, addons, charges, and coupons within a single product family.

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