What is the process for upgrading to Product Catalog 2.0? How long does the PC 2.0 migration take?

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What is the process for upgrading to Product Catalog 2.0?

How will this migration affect my existing subscriptions and customers?
How long does the live migration process take?  Will there be a service interruption for our customers with an active subscription?
What possible blockers should I address before Product Catalog 2.0 Upgrade? What can cause delays in the process?


There are three stages to the PC2.0 Upgrade: Qualification (1 day to 1 week), Data Mapping (1-2 weeks), and Migration (1-5 weeks). 

During the migration, you cannot make any changes to your Product Catalog and should plan on a two to six-week process. The timeframe depends on your response time, the complexity of your instance, and the current queue for Upgrading. 

Qualification Stage:

 You control how quickly or slowly you move through this stage. You will communicate with your CSM (if you have one) or with support and complete a qualification questionnaire, and sign a consent document. 

Data Mapping Stage: 

  • (1-2 weeks) The custom engineering team reviews your qualification checklist, asks questions, and provides feedback about your instance for any items requiring further investigation. 
  • You will complete a Product Catalog Mapping sheet (that will be shared with you). The time needed for this step largely depends on the number of items in your Product Catalog. 
  • Once the Product Catalog Mapping sheet is finalized, you can only make changes to the Product Catalog after the Upgrade is complete. 
  • 1-2  Days will be taken to validate the data on the sheet and confirm if we are good to proceed with the test migration.


  • (1-5 weeks) 
  • 1-2 Days: Your test site is cleared of data, and all product catalog data is transferred from Live to Test. This clean slate ensures we’re testing the exact products on your Live site.
  •  You will update any APIs / drop scripts you utilize, perform testing, then upgrade your Live site. 
  • Test instance is upgraded, and test data migration is done. 
  • You will work closely with our custom engineering team to validate and test data. You will continue testing and provide your sign-off for the Live site migration. 
  • You validate and confirm the mapping sheet is still valid for Live migration. 
  • 1 Day: Live migration is performed. 

What possible blockers should I address before Product Catalog 2.0 Upgrade? What can cause delays in the process?

In short, the complexity of your site setup is a good predictor of your migration timeline. 

Consider the following items when creating the timeline for the migration:

 - You should be on Hosted Pages Version 3 to be compatible with Product Catalog 2.0, Hence this process should be completed before you initiate the PC 2.0 upgrade process 

- You need to upgrade API integrations to the new structure. Please review the details here.

 - You have SFDC integration (Then Upgrade the SFDC Integration to V 1.48 and above) 

- Plan ID changes are required. PC2.0 does not support special characters (£, &, !, etc), or there is a duplicate ID between a plan and addon.

You’re live site will be down for 2 hours max, and we will coordinate with you about the best time to complete this migration. Please remember that the time taken is proportional to the amount of data on your Live Site. As a best practice, we discourage using Chargebee Live Site during the migration. But scheduled renewals will be unaffected.

You will need to deploy API / drop-in script changes to the Live Site at the same time.

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