What is the difference between CMRR and Expected Revenue?

Modified on: Wed, 31 Mar, 2021 at 11:04 AM

CMRR is also called committed monthly recurring revenue. It is the MRR that we can expect to get in the future from cancellations, future activations in addition to our current MRR. Accordingly, CMRR can be higher lesser than the current MRR. Also, CMRR just like MRR is normalized revenue normalized to the Plan frequency. CMRR is calculated from subscription events such as subscription creation/activations, changes, cancellations, etc.

Expected revenue is invoiced revenue, yet to be invoiced revenue that customers can expect by end of the day or end of the month. It does not go beyond the current month. This revenue is not normalized as per the plan's frequency. So, if I have a quarterly plan that has a plan amount of $300 from a subscription which is expected to be activated in the current month CMRR will be $100 but expected revenue will be $300 from the subscription.

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