Error: "This API operation is not enabled for this site. Please contact to get this enabled"

Modified on: Wed, 19 May, 2021 at 2:17 AM

  • This error occurs because of migrating of sites from PC1.0 to PC2.0. 

Please follow the below steps to identify the root cause

  • Step 1 - Check if PC 2.0 is enabled for this site. Use the steps given here to find it. 
  • Step 2 - If you are in PC 2.0, it's probable that you are still using the PC1.0 API of Create Plan or List Plans and thus leading to the error or vice versa: you are in PC 1.0 but you are using APIs related to PC 2.0. You can refer to PC 2.0 API here.

When you open our API link, please make sure to choose the respective Product Catalog version from the drop-down box, and all the API calls for this version will be listed:

If you are using PC 2.0 compatible APIs then check if they are using any wrong API so to be extra sure. Please run an API test. 

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