How do I display only offline payment options on checkout?

Modified on: Tue, 25 Jul, 2023 at 5:06 PM

As a merchant, you might want to process payments online and offline. With the Offline Payments option on checkout, you can choose to receive payments for your products through various offline channels. You can read more about it here

There can be cases where you wish to only accept payments through offline channels. You can do this by disabling the smart routing configuration on your site. To do this navigate to Settings->Configure Chargebee->Payment Gateways->Smart routing 

Choose Don’t use a gateway account as an option for all currencies

Make sure you save and publish the changes.

Now, your checkout will only display the offline payment options enabled under Settings->Configure Chargebee->Offline Payments

Offline Payment: This feature is currently available on selective plans. Please refer to the plans and pricing page. If you are on one of our previous plans, then this feature is available on Scale and Enterprise plans.

Note: This feature requires Offline Payments to be enabled on your site. If its not enabled please reach out to
This option would not work if you use have chosen to Allow customers to use offline payment methods only via API under Checkout settings.

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