What happens to an invoice in Netsuite after it gets voided in Chargebee?

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What happens when an unpaid invoice is void in Chargebee?

What if a paid/partially paid invoice is void in Chargebee?

There are 2 scenarios to look at when an invoice gets voided in Chargebee:

  • An unpaid invoice gets voided. - In this case, the invoices sync immediately after the first attempt

  • A paid (also partially paid)  invoice gets voided. - In this case, the invoices in Netsuite get updated only after the second attempt to sync 

An unpaid invoice gets voided

The void unpaid invoice in Chargebee gets synced properly to Netsuite on the first attempt.

A paid/partially paid invoice gets voided

  • Whenever a new paid invoice is created in Chargebee, it gets synced along with the payment as a “transaction” in Netsuite. The order in which the sync happens is important in this scenario. The invoice gets synced to Netsuite followed by the payment.

  • When you void a paid invoice in Chargebee, you will need to refund the payment first and then void the invoice. Since the steps involved in voiding a paid invoice is in reverse, the first time it syncs after the paid invoice is voided, the transaction(i.e. payment) will be updated while the invoice sync will fail. 

  • The invoice sync will succeed in the second sync

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