How to override or set different price for an Addon/Charges in PC2.0?

Modified on: Wed, 31 Mar, 2021 at 10:27 AM


In large enterprises, the transactions happen in bulk and the customer may demand customization of the price of addons/charges/plans. This information will be confidential to the particular customer. In some cases, the merchant may choose to set different prices for addons and charge based on the types of plans. 


In PC 2.0, there are solutions for two types of use-cases that need to set different prices. 

Use-case 1

When you want to set different price (addons and charges) for a specific customer based on demand or transaction value, then it is recommended to use the price override feature

Use-case 2: 

When you have different plans like Standard plan, Enterprise plan (additional features with Standard plan features ), etc. and you want to set a different price for the same addons and charges based on which plans they are purchase with, then it is recommended to use the differential pricing feature. 

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