How to add a coupon for a specific currency price points/plans? - PC 2.0

Modified on: Fri, 4 Nov, 2022 at 5:03 PM


Is there a way to apply coupons only for a specific entity?

I want to apply the coupon only for subscription and how to configure it

I need to add coupons for USD and GBP currencies-monthly plans alone.

I need to add coupons for all billing frequencies price points of a specific currency 


If you are using PC 1.0, then please refer to this link.

In Product Catalog 2.0, coupons can be created once and then attached to multiple product families, plans, currencies as well as billing frequencies. 


Once the coupon is created follow the below steps

- Open the coupon and select 'Change' next to the plan

- Choose 'Based on selection criteria' and click 'Proceed'

-  The below pop-up appears. Select specific product family->specific currency->specific billing frequency and click 'Apply Filter'. Select the plans as given in step 5 and then click on the 'Add (no. of) plans' button. 

You can create a combination of your choice and add the plans for the coupon. 

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