Is it possible to override quantity and price of tiered/Volume/Stairstep plan in PC2.0?

Modified on: Tue, 17 May, 2022 at 2:03 PM


I want to override the price of the Tiered plan for a few customers. 

I want to override the tiers in the tiered plan

I want to override the quantity of volume/ stairstep plan. 

Can I override the volume/tiered/stairstep type addon?


When a plan is created, the tiers or quantities for tiered/volume/stairstep plans are well defined. Sometimes the merchant may choose to override the price for a specific customer while creating a subscription for various business reasons. There are can be two types of an override in this case. 

  • Change the price at each level
  • Change the quantity at each level

Please note that this feature is only available in PC 2.0 and not in PC 1.0. 


One of the features of  Product Catalog 2.0 is to allow the merchant to override the price of tiered/volume/stairstep plans. 

Step 1: To enable the price override option. Go to configure Chargebee -> Billing LogIQ ->Select 'Allow Price Override' and click on 'Update Billing LogIQ'

Step 2: Go to create a subscription and select the plan. Click on 'View tier breakdown' and then edit the price for each tier

However, currently, it is not possible to override the tiers or quantities of these plans. 

To know about how to override price refer to this link

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