Will the plan ID be linked to the subscriptions in PC 1.0 be changed after the site is migrated to PC 2.0?

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Why do we need to change our Plan/Addon/Charge IDs?

Can we leave our Archived Plans out of this migration?

How will this migration affect my existing subscriptions and customers?

We have more than one Live Site with Chargebee, can we merge our sites as a part of PC 2.0 migration?


During the migration from PC 1.0 to PC 2.0, item plans and addons are created. It is important to know how the ids are mapped with the price points.


The product Catalog 2.0 upgrade is a structural change to the Product Catalog. Actual Plan/Addon attributes like PLAN_ID*/NAME/PRICE are not changed. While the site is in PC 1.0, every subscription will be linked to the plan ID. In PC 2.0, subscriptions will be linked to the item price id. 

In this PC 1.0 to PC 2.0 migration process, we create a plan item and the relevant PC 1.0 plan id becomes the item price id under this plan item.

Subscriptions and Invoices reference PLAN_ID to retrieve pricing and other data points from the product catalog. Under typical circumstances, PLAN_ID remains the same. 

Change IDs

PLAN_ID changes are required when your plans or addons have special characters (£, &, !, etc) that are not supported in PC 2.0, Kindly Note that the only special characters supported in PC 2.0 are Hyphen (-) and Underscore (_), The Second reason for ID changes are when there are duplicate IDs between a plan and an addon. In these circumstances, you will have an additional error resolution sheet in the PC 2.0 template. You can review the suggested changes and the ID changes will be taken care of by Chargebee during the migration

Archived Plans

We need to include archived plans in PC 2.0 migration because subscriptions and invoices records are likely linked to the plans and addons. So it is necessary to move all the plans and addons to PC 2.0, including the archived ones. However, if no subscriptions are attached to the plans and addons that you do not want to move to PC 2.0, you can delete them immediately in PC 1.0.

Merge multiple Chargebee sites

Site Merging is a separate activity that can be performed before or after the PC 2.0 Upgrade. Please, reach out to your CSM to request support from the migration team for this activity.

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