How to enable Product Catalog 2.0? What are some limitations?

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I want the understand new features in PC2.0

I want to test the new features of PC2.0 on my test site. 


Product Catalog 2.0 (PC2.0) allows you to manage multiple product families, plans which can have multiple currencies and billing frequencies within them, overriding tiered plan prices, differential pricing, and many more features like updated metered billing, etc. It is possible to migrate the current Product Catalog 1.0 sites to Product Catalog 2.0. 


There are no such limitations in Product Catalog 2.0 (PC2.0) but there are three key things to note

-  New APIs have been introduced. So, a few APIs need to be changed if you have API integrations in place.

-  Drop-in scripts for Plans & addons will also change in this upgrade to PC 2.0 and if these are used in the Checkout, scripts have to be updated.
- It is important to check the feature compatibility as some third-party integrations are a work in progress. 

By following the steps below you will understand the migration process as well as the feature compatibility. 

Step 1 - Ensure you see a demo of the whole Product Catalog 2.0 with a Chargebee representative. Reach out to to schedule a demo. 

Step 2 - You will be guided to see feature compatibility with your current site. 

Note: Some integrations are work in progress and it is important to do step 2 to ensure your are in agreement to proceed with migration. 

Step 3 - Create a blank test site and test PC 2.0 and see if you are ready for the Migration. You need to plan for this switch at your end with the code changes (if API integrations are in place) to accommodate API changes

Step 4 - A template for the transition of the plans, addons, and charges to PC2.0 will be shared with you and you need to fill it.

Step 5 - To test the features of Product Catalog 2.0, you need to create a new Chargebee test site which will be converted into a clone site by the Chargebee team as this will be a copy of your live site.

Warning: It is highly recommended to create a new test site and not use the same test site for PC 2.0 asexisting test site not used because the test site will become unavailable for their other tests till the migration is completed. To know more refer to this link

Step 6 - You need to put in the development effort to accommodate changes in APIs and drop-in scripts, wherever applicable in your clone site. (relevant documents will be shared with you once the process is initiated)

Step 7 -  Once all the features and workflows are successful, you need to transfer the configuration from the existing live site to the test site to make the test site a replica of the live site as transfer-config is not available after the live site has been upgraded to PC 2.0.

Step 8 - Once all the above steps are done, site migration to the live site can be initiated.

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