How to enable Product Catalog 2.0? What are some key changes to note?

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I want to understand the new features of PC 2.0

I want to test the new features of PC 2.0 on my test site. 

I am an existing user in Chargebee, how do I migrate to PC 2.0?

Are there any limitations for PC 2.0?


Note: This article is for customers who are currently using Chargebee site with Product Catalog 1.0 and would like to migrate to Product Catalog 2.0

Product Catalog 2.0 (PC2.0) can be easily enabled on an existing Chargebee site. Though there are no limitations, there are a few prerequisites to consider before migration to ensure the process is smooth.  

Some of the prerequisites are

- First, you experience the exciting features of PC 2.0 firsthand by creating a new test site.  Here's more on how to create a new test site (this will be your trial site and will be discarded once we proceed further with migration)

- Understand the Compatibility of your preferred third-party integrations with the Chargebee team as some of the third-party integrations are still a work in progress. (our support team will be guiding you through this step as well)

Important points to know before upgrading to PC 2.0

1. Subscriptions:


You cannot create a new subscription without creating a customer record. In Product Catalog 1.0, if you navigate to the subscriptions tab and choose 'Create new subscription', it will automatically create a customer and subscription record. However, with PC 2.0, you would need to ensure that there is an existing customer record, or you would need to create a new customer record while choosing the 'create new subscription' option. 


2. Hosted Pages: 


Hosted Pages v2 i.e.: Single Page checkout, Single Page portal is not supported with PC 2.0. There is another option of full-page checkout. Please click here to know more. 


3. Third-party integrations:


The third-party integrations listed below are incompatible with PC 2.0 and will work with PC 1.0 only:

  • Mailchimp

  • WordPress

  • Referral Candy 

  • ActiveCampaign 

  • Natero

  • Baremetrics

  • Klaviyo

  • Groww

  • EagleEye

  • Pipe

  • Encharge

Other than this, there are a few other key changes to be made

You will need to update the objects if you use Chargebee APIs for Checkout, custom integrations, or drop-in script. 

You will be upgraded to our Leap UI

You must be on Salesforce Integration v1.48 or above 

As a part of PC 2.0 Upgrade, you will merge Plans/Addons, which are the same product/service but have different currency/billing frequencies, into a single plan where the plans in PC 1.0 become individual price points in PC 2.0. Please review the Product Family structure for more information.

This is why we recommend that you sign up for a free test site (which will automatically be on PC 2.0) to see and understand the difference between PC 1.0 and PC 2.0 firsthand. 

Here are a few links on Product Catalog 2.0 which I think would be helpful.


Introduction Video 

Help documentation (this is the documentation curated for PC 2.0)

API Documentation (this is the API document curated specifically for PC 2.0, and these are the API calls you will be using with PC 2.0)

Click here to read about the process and timelines for the migration. 

Note: Please be assured that we will support you throughout the migration process to ensure smooth upgradation to PC 2.0 from PC 1.0. Once you have gone through the test site, please reachout to support or your CSM, to initiate the process. 

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