New user login for Salesforce - Chargebee integration

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1. How to change the user login credentials for the Salesforce integration connected to Chargebee?

2. The employee who connected Salesforce to our Chargebee account had left the organization, we would like to connect it with new credentials, how to update it?


When you would like to switch the user who has connected Chargebee and Salesforce integration you can make use of this article to reconnect with the new user. In case you have any specific duplication rules applied, and you do not want to apply these duplication rules to Chargebee integration-based create/update actions, you can create a user account that is only used for this purpose in Salesforce and use those credentials while connecting to Salesforce.


Applicable versions: 


Version 1.37.6 and below



You need to create one specific user information in Salesforce such that this account is not used by anyone else such as a sales agent or customer success or any such frontline roles. This user should be a Salesforce admin which would be easier for you to set up the integration. Once this new user is created, we need to update the authentication that is already set in Chargebee with the new user credentials. Ensure all Chargebee related permissions are provided to this user in Salesforce. 


Steps to reconnecting the integration with the new user:


Step 1:

Take a back up of the settings by navigating to Settings->Third party integrations->Salesforce->Manage preferences. This is a precautionary step. 

Step 2:

You will also have to enable ModifyAllData and ModifyMetaData permissions for the user profiles. 

Step 3:

Unlink the integration by navigating to Settings->Third party integrations->Salesforce-> unlink integration. 

Step 4:

Please ensure to logout of Salesforce if you are already logged in to any other tabs in the same browser. Once unlinked, the user who has to connect Chargebee and Salesforce has to navigate to Settings->Third party integrations->Salesforce->Connect. The Salesforce new user credentials have to be used to login when prompted. 

Step 5:

Once complete, review the settings that you have taken a back up(From Step 1). Once verified, the initial sync, validation, and full sync will run for your site. Follow each step and this will not take much time as this will not do a resync of the old data. So there will not be any duplicates too. 

Step 6:

After the above steps are complete, test this by creating a test customer in Chargebee and do a sync to Salesforce. You will see a contact created in Salesforce with the new user's Alias Name(Alias name of that user in Salesforce).


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