How to calculate the MRR value for the customers whose subscription change is in the Future?

Modified on: Wed, 7 Oct, 2020 at 9:18 AM

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Customers whose subscription renews in the future are not included in the MRR


In Chargebee, the MRR calculations include the total predictable monthly recurring revenue earned from subscriptions. It includes the recurring items in subscriptions such as coupons, discounts, recurring add-ons, etc. 

Charges, subscription changes in the Future state will not be included in the current month's MRR as 

they do not apply to the subscription for the current period.

Info: If you are migrating subscriptions into Chargebee, it is recommended to Import past subscriptions instead of creating them in the future state in your Live site. 

If the subscriptions are imported into the system with the past date, MRR would be accounted for the respective months accordingly.

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