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Which checkout page is better? Single page or in-app checkout?

What are the types of checkout pages available with Chargebee?


Chargebee offers three types of Checkout you can choose from based on the workflow you want to implement. You can also integrate via a complete API workflow + gateway implementation.

  1. Single Page Checkout 

Single Page Checkout allows your customers to enter all their details in a single page.

On clicking the Checkout/Subscribe button in your website, they will be redirected to a new URL where they can review their order, enter their account details and payment details. 

Note: You can also generate the single-page checkout using a hosted page URL and embed via iframe setup. For more information on how to configure Single Page Checkout, please click here. 
  1. In-App Checkout 

This is an in-app transparent redirection style checkout.

On clicking the Subscribe/Checkout button, a pop up would open where your customers will have to enter their account and payment details. 

For more information on how to configure In-App Checkout, please click here.

Note: The In-App checkout method is enabled by default on all Chargebee sites to configure. To switch to a single page checkout, contact support.
  1. Hosted Components and Fields

To incorporate consistent branding throughout your website you can create your own checkout pages using our Components & Fields. This involves handling PCI compliance on your own to maintain and secure customer sensitive information.

To know more on this click here.

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