My Dashboard values are not getting updated in Chargebee

Modified on: Tue, 22 Aug, 2023 at 9:27 PM

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I could see a mismatch of numbers in revenue reports displayed in the Chargebee Dashboard. Why is this happening?


The data on the Dashboard takes about 2-3 hours to be crunched and updated.

If you find discrepancies or differences in values on your Chargebee Dashboard it could be due to high volumes of data that is being processed, ETL job failures, etc.

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Following are the reasons for the delay in the Dashboard updates:

  1. Scheduled synchronizations

  2. Delay in synchronization when high volumes are processed 

    1. Differs from domain to domain depending on the volume of data

  3. Time zone mismatch

    1. For example, when the timezone is set to America/Panama in Chargebee and Asia/Calcutta in Revenue Story

  4. No events (that impact reports) occurred during the window. 

The data sources for the metrics displayed in the Chargebee dashboard are derived from RevenueStory which uses some time to deliver the real-time metrics. Therefore, you may experience a mismatch in your revenue in the interim period of the update.

If you are experiencing a discrepancy in data after the update or inappropriate delay in updates contact support.

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