Quickbook Error: Sync has failed to complete, you can try again after some time or contact Chargebee Support.

Modified on: Sun, 6 Sep, 2020 at 5:20 PM


Before each sync takes place from Chargebee to Quickbooks it runs a set of pre-requisite validations. The sync stops and exits if there is any discrepancy while cross-checking the fields.

Listed below are the fields that help you troubleshoot this error,

Fields Checked

Corresponding error message


Test connection

Auth failed, as the access to your organization is no longer valid

Authentication failure

Dependent entity (References)

Dependent items for the sync are failed - “ …”

It checks for Ad Hoc discount, setup-charges, roundoff, bad-debt items present in Quickbooks


Please enable the multicurrency feature in QuickBooks and add necessary currencies to continue the sync

Multicurrency mismatch.
(ie. when the multicurrency feature is enabled in Chargebee and disabled in QuickBooks.)

Sales tax 

Please setup tax in QuickBooks to continue the sync.

Sales tax is enabled in Chargebee and disabled in Quickbooks

Contact support if you need more help on fixing this error. 

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