Quickbooks (QBO) sync errors

Modified on: Sat, 5 Sep, 2020 at 1:43 PM


This article is limited to the users who have integrated Quickbooks with Chargebee and experience sync errors.

The reason for these errors and the corresponding steps for rectification are listed below.



Cannot sync the invoice as the associated PLAN XYZ could not be synced to Quickbooks

The Plan associated with invoice or credit note is not synced properly.

Solution: Sync the PLAN XYZ to sync the invoice. Contact support to know more

Sync has failed to complete, you can try again after some time or contact Chargebee Support.

This error occurs if,

  • The authentication has failed

  • The sales tax is enabled in Chargebee but not enabled in the Quickbooks

  • Multi-currency mismatch

Contact support to know more

Sync errors without an error message

If a dependent (customer entity) is removed/ archived from Quickbooks then the entity will be marked as failed without an error message.

Contact support to know more

Cannot sync the invoice as the invoice date if before the sync start date. 

If you have chosen the invoice sync date as 25 Aug 2020 during initial setup and try to sync invoices before 25 Aug 2020 then, you may experience this error

Solution: Update the invoice dates manually in Quickbooks or contact support to ignore these invoices in subsequent syncs.

If you experience an error that is not listed above, contact Chargebee’s support.

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