Why am I getting the error “You need to have atleast one plan to preview the checkout/portal” while using the PreviewCheckout button on the live site?

Modified on: Wed, 1 Mar, 2023 at 5:11 PM


If you face an error “You need to have at least one plan to preview the checkout/portal” (see insert) when you try to preview the checkout page from the “configure Chargebee settings”, this can happen because of 2 reasons.

1. There are no Plans created on your Test site.

2. You have enabled “Hide Zero Dollar value Items” under the Billing rules and the plan value is “$0” 


The Chargebee checkout preview picks up plans from the test site. Hence, if you do not have plans on your test site, then this error will be thrown. In order to rectify this, please ensure to have plans on your test site so that the preview can pick it up to display it on the live site. 

Please ensure that the plan on the test site has the option “Checkout using Hosted Page” enabled while creating the plan. To do this navigate to Product Catalog > Plans > Enable “Checkout using Hosted page”. 

If there is only one plan on the test site and it is a $0 plan, please ensure to disable the option “Hide zero value line items” under Billing rules. You can navigate to,


Configure Chargebee 

Billing LogIQ 

> Disable “Hide zero value line items

If this option is enabled, it will prevent the checkout page from opening since the plan is $0 and we have set it to not show the $0 line items. 

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