Can custom fields from Chargebee be mapped to Revenuestory?

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How to bring external data into Revenuestory reports

How to map custom fields from Chargebee to Revenuestory


Since Revenuestory is a stand-alone analytics platform, there would be scenarios where you may be required to bring in data from Chargebee or third-party applications for reporting purposes. This can be achieved by a process called Custom Field Mapping, where the data is brought into Chargebee via custom fields and then mapped to Revenuestory custom fields. 

The custom fields in Revenuestory can be located under the ‘Custom’ portion of  Segments -


By default, some of the custom fields will be greyed out. Once the mapping is done, they will be active. 


Let’s say you would like to bring in your Sales Agents data from Salesforce into Revenuestory. The first step is to create a custom field in Chargebee corresponding to the data that you would like to bring in. The next step is to decide which field in Revenuestory would you like to map to. Once these are determined, you may share the data with us and we will perform the custom field mapping from the backend and run a sync. The data would flow automatically after the sync is completed. 

You can reach out to with the custom fields information. 

Note: Please note that custom field mapping is an exclusive feature of the Revenuestory Premium version.

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