Why is the display name inconsistent in the renewal report?

Modified on: Mon, 3 Aug, 2020 at 11:44 AM

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Why is my Renewal report showing subscription ID in some cases and email id at others?

Is it possible to add the customer name under subscription in my renewal report?


The Subscription column displays the Subscription identifier which gets populated based on the following order depending on which information is available:

1. Email address

2. First Name, Last Name

3. Subscription ID

To sum up the above, if an email address is present for a customer then it takes the first priority and gets displayed under the subscription column. If the email address is not present then the first name and last name are present.

If both email and first name/last name are not available then the Subscription ID of that customer gets displayed.

The Renewal report is currently structured in this logic and that’s why you can see the difference as mentioned below.

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