V3 hosted page in an iframe is not supported

Modified on: Wed, 1 Jul, 2020 at 10:20 AM

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My embed value defaults to false even when I set embed=true under V3 hosted page in an iframe

Can I use Chargebee’s In-app checkout in an iframe?


Embedding an in-app checkout page(v3) into an iframe is not recommended as the v3 checkout modal itself is an iframe. 

Therefore, crunching an iframe into another iframe will result in poor UX experience and lets your customer scroll through the page up and down to view the entire content of the checkout page.

To avoid this scenario we automatically default the embed value as false whenever you try to implement this setup.


1. The checkout version is site-specific, you can use only one type of checkout in one Chargebee site.

2. If the embed parameter is set to true it will be returned as false. 
    With embed=false gateways like Paypal, GoCardless, that have a redirect flow will be supported

Tip: We recommend you to stay on the latest Checkout version of Chargebee as it will reduce the hassle of manually handling multiple subscriptions under the same subscription record.

To know more about this, contact support.

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