I cannot allow my customers to checkout without payment details. Why?

Modified on: Fri, 19 Feb, 2021 at 7:25 PM

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How to enable Google Invisible Recaptcha for my custom domain?


You can allow your customers to checkout without payment details only after you create and enable the Invisible Recaptcha keys for your custom domain. This setting requires backend action.

Recaptcha is mainly used to protect websites from spam and bot initiated activity. This is to ensure that all your subscriptions are authentic and not bot controlled.

How to enable Google Recaptcha:

  1. Create an invisible Recaptcha 

  2. Capture the 2 client keys (Site Key, Secret Key)

  3. Contact support to register the keys in the backend 

  4. Enable the “Allow customers to checkout without payment details” option

Note: Ensure you share the keys securely in an encrypted file/google document.

Note: If your custom domain has changed, expired, or removed make sure you configure the Invisible Recaptcha keys for the new or updated custom domain.

Refer the configurations details and FAQs for checkout to know more about what white-label merchants have to do to “Checkout without payment”.

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