My test webhooks events are not getting delivered. What should I do?

Modified on: Tue, 29 Jun, 2021 at 3:06 AM

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My deleted test data still appears in the Dashboard. Why?


In Chargebee, webhook lets you obtain real-time notifications to changes that happen in your billing system. When you have made use of the “Delete Test Site Data” option to populate your own test data or start afresh with Chargebee’s test site data, the changes made to your pre-existed subscriptions and invoices get stalled.

As a result, the webhook event fails to get generated and shows up in the “To be scheduled” status.

You can contact 
support to reset your sandbox environment to the “Normal” state from the current “clear_sandbox_data” state. This configuration will let you trigger webhooks for all the forthcoming events. However, old events cannot be rescheduled or retried after the change.

Pre-existing data metrics display in Dashboard

The sample data that appears on the Dashboard are reflections of test site data and continues to appear on your page even after you enable the “Delete all data” option.

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