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How do I allow users to add one-time addons in the customer portal?

Yes, you can. In your Chargebee user interface, navigate to Settings> Configure Chargebee> Checkout and Portal> Portal. Toggle the “Allow customer to change subscription” setting and under that you can find three options related to addons. For allowing customers to add, remove or change addon quantity, you can check the “Non-Recurring” option on each of those settings.

You can choose the settings in such a way that it fits your business use-case. 

Further, there are some scenarios during which you cannot add one-time addons in the portal:

    • Non-recurring addons cannot be selected in the “Allow customers to add addon” option if the changes are set to happen at the end of the term. They are allowed only if the changes are set to reflect immediately.
    • If the plan is addon restricted, then one-time addon cannot be applied. This is because one-time addons are event-driven. 
    • One-time addons can only be added to Active and Non-recurring subscriptions. It cannot be added to Trial and Future subscriptions.
    • It is supported only in for In-app Self Serve Portal.

Feel free to contact Chargebee support for more information.