Setting up Fixed increments on Checkout page.

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If you have a pricing model where customers buy in multiples of a unit, for example, you sell in multiples of 10, where a customer can purchase a minimum of 10, 20 30......100.... so on.

This can be implemented with the plan level Meta Data, where the customer can only select a value with the range specified.



You will first need to enable the metadata plan customization option.

Go to Settings » Configure Chargebee » Checkout & Self-Serve Portal » Advance Settings » Customize plan/addon quantity based on meta configuration.

Once you have enabled this, you can go to your plan configuration to input the Metadata.

Go to Product Catalog  » Plans » Select the Specific Plan(s) » Click Add/Edit and input the Metadata config (JSON)


You need to have the plan created to see the Metadata option.

This is Applicable for V3 or InApp Checkout pages only.

Sample metadata JSON;


  "quantity_meta": {

    "min": 5,

    "max": 100,

    "step": 5,

    "type": "range"




  "quantity_meta": {

    "type": "fixed",

    "values": [










Based on your use-case, you can create a Per-Unit pricing plan or any of the other pricing type if unit price changes based on the quantity. Here's a video tutorial simulating a simple per-unit price use-case. 

Refer here, to know more about customizing your plan/addon metadata. 

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